Projects Overview

(L-R) Eric Farrar, Dr. William Katz, Dr. Thomas Campbell and Dr. Robert Rennaker

The Communication Technology Center is home to a wide variety of innovative research projects. The list of participating investigators continues to grow. On the left is a directory of our most active efforts. Click on the project name and learn more about the research and the team members.

Stages of Project Development

1.     Incubation  – Development of the conceptual idea, including review of the research literature and possible meta-analysis

2.     Pilot – Development of the technology prototype and evaluation protocol

3.     Assessment and Evaluation – Evaluation of the safety and compliance of the technology. Initial testing of human interface and refinement of the technology.

4.     Translational – Completion of efficacy and effectiveness studies

5.     Commercialization – Development of corporate, public and private partnerships to market the technology